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Any type or style of gate can be automated provided that the gate itself is strong enough to withstand the forces that the motors will exert. The gates can be solid boarded or heavy wrought iron swing type gates up to 15 foot long as a single gate and equally as high, or sliding gates up to any size and weight.

To automate an existing gate, the gate needs to be free swinging and the posts need to be in good order, if the gate is dragging on the ground this will cause unnecessary wear to the motors and will greatly reduce the life expectancy of the equipment.

If you are not sure whether your gate is fit enough to be automated please ask one of our surveyors to call at your home and advise you on the options available.

To automate your new or existing gate/s you will need a power supply at the gateway or be prepared to have a power supply installed. 240 volts/5 amps is all that is required, the same power as outside lights use.

In the event of a power failure or breakdown all of our motors have a manual release system to enable you to open the gates, you cannot force the motor open simply by turning the power off, unlike some of our rivals systems.

There are many ways to operate your new automated gate, from a standard push-button to a video entry system the list is endless, so we will combine our experience with your requirements to advise you on the best system to suit your life style.

If however you find in a year or so that you want to add a new control to the gate, this can be done without fuss, as all our control units are multifunctional and are capable of receiving all available types of controls.

Once installed your automated gate should give you many years of reliable service, however it is worth servicing the gate once a year to ensure that it stays in the best of health, and this is simply done by a little greasing of the gate hinges and tidying of debris from the area around the gateway.

We provide a comprehensive service contract, details available on request. We thank you for your interest in our equipment.


Modern electronic technology has produced an increasingly varied range of operating systems to suit everyone from the private householder through busy family homes to commercial premises. Some of these products are described below.


electric-gate-remote-controlVery popular because you can open your gates from anywhere up to 150 metres away by simply pressing a button. The transmitter measures approximately three inches x one and a half inches and features a double button, enabling it to be used for two separate gates or a gate and a garage door. Kept in the car, your pocket or handbag they are probably the most convenient way of operating automated gates. Once through the gate a second “zap” will close the gates behind you.



Can be positioned anywhere, on the gatepost, a few feet away from the gate, in the house, or garage. Push the button once and the gate will open, when opened a second push closes the gate.



Ideal for the busy household with too many people to supply all of them with a remote control. The illuminated pad is positioned at a suitably convenient place outside the gate and is programmed with your own choice of code number with up to eight digits. Punch in the code and the gate opens. If necessary the code number can be altered at a later date.



The control panel can be programmed to include this most useful feature. After a delay of up to sixty seconds from opening, your gate(s) will automatically close behind you. You can still close them by operating a push button or remote control if you wish to close them sooner.ProductImage


Ideal where large numbers of people require access through an automated gate, a factory for example. Each person is supplied with a “disc” which, when shown to a “reader” unit on the gate approach opens the gate. This function is controlled be a Flexi-Scan control unit fitted to the main control panel. A master disc is supplied which enables the individual discs to be re-programmed thus ensuring continued improved security..


key-switchSimple to use – insert your key- turn it and your gate opens for you.





Gives you total control of who enters your premises. A speak panel with a signal button is fixed outside your gates and a telephone handset inside your office/home, with push button gate operator adjacent to it. Visitors speak to you and you can then choose if you wish to let them in.


brlk29(b)Prevents the gates closing on a person or vehicle while in the path of the beams. Always use with auto close. On swinging gates use one pair on arc of gates another on the closed line of the gates.




This means that the gates have no potentially messy Hydraulic involvement, so making them very Reliable.

By our trained staff or utilize your own skills. Full instructions are supplied with each kit.

Unless instructed otherwise, all of our gates will Automatically close behind you. To the casual Observer your gates are always closed, not just when You are away!

Once closed your gates will be mechanically locked and will only open when you instruct them to.

Opened by remote control, strategically located push buttons, or automatic induction loop.

A wide variety of extra features are available to add To your automated gates, such as intercom or even a Video link.

Three types of swinging gate openers and also a very neat sliding operator.

With over thirty years of manufacturing experience by Europe’s leading manufacture, total reliability is assured.

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